Our Purpose & Objectives

The overall mission of Chief and Friends Foundation is to relieve poverty and relieve conditions associated with families with children under 17 years and the aged who visit the emergency unit of the hospital for acute care.

The financial, economic, and social challenges that arise when caring for a sick child or elderly family member can be overwhelming. CFF is determined to provide some level of convenience, comfort, relief and financial assistance for families visiting the emergency unit of the major hospitals (Victoria General and Royal Jubilees) in the Greater Victoria area for acute care with their sick family member (children 0-17 years and adults who are 55 years and above).

Programs and services include both short and long term services.

Short term programs and services:

  • One time parking assistance to families visiting the emergency unit of the hospital for acute care
  • Two-way taxi fare to and from the hospital emergency unit to deserving and needy family members in our community
  • One-time assistance with the purchase of prescription drugs after emergency visit

Long terms programs and services:

  • On the spot convenience and comfort services through our signature action team- the Chief Emergency Response Team (CERT) who are able to:
    • Help visitors with an extra hand to carry luggage from the parking lot to the emergency room
    • Offer to park visitors vehicles for them while they take their loved one to receive care at the emergency
    • Provide a one-time parking assistance for at least 24 hours while at the emergency so patients or family members wouldn’t have to worry about parking tickets while receiving care at the emergency
    • Pay for parking ticket/ fine for visitors should the need arise

We achieve our goal by working collaboratively with healthcare professionals and affiliates at the emergency including social workers, child Life aids, etc for patient/visitor referrals.

Our short to medium term priority is to focus on families visiting the emergency with sick children or the elderly in our community, particularly, families who have children or the elderly with conditions that require regular and/or frequent emergency visits.

Long term goals:

  1. Establish a local CERT throughout the province of BC to implement the objectives of the foundation
  2. Lobby hospitals to provide better conditions at the emergency units and its surroundings- such as designated free parking spots at emergency units where families can park their vehicles without paying or worrying about parking tickets
  3. Promote and encourage well-being of children and the elderly in the community
  4. Lobby governments (provincial and local) and the private sector for resources and policies in the improvement of hospital emergency units
  5. Mobilize public support for the appropriate care for individuals (especially children under 17 or an elderly persons over 55 years ) visiting the emergency unit of the hospital
  6. Serve as a support system for families who have terminally ill children or the elderly that require regular visits to the emergency units of hospital